The Engagement Formula

E = Ex + Int (Self+COI²)

Not sure about you but it’s been a while since I did some algebra. So what’s the above equation and this article all about?

It’s all about ENGAGEMENT.the engagement formula

I’d like to share with you my take on this much debated topic. The workplace is changing fast and thought leadership is too. I would argue that staff engagement has moved on somewhat. The yearly staff survey is overdue a facelift.

Yes, it is still relevant to know how satisfied your work force are with things like their working environment, relationships with their boss, salaries etc. etc. but and this is a big BUT, measuring these things alone only give you part of the equation.

Let’s simplify the equation.

Engagement = Extrinsic factors + Intrinsic factors (Self + Confidence Openness Impact²)

So, what is the rest of the equation about?

Focussing on Intrinsic Factors

What are Intrinsic factors and why should we measure these to increase engagement?

Remember the benefits of increased engagement? Increased satisfaction, retention, productivity and performance, decreased sickness, absenteeism etc. etc. If we really want to increase engagement then we need to take a more holistic view of engagement.

As well as measuring some of the historic things we are used to measuring, I suggest that we also need to be measuring other things. If we truly want to engage our staff we need to think more about how we empower our people.

People who feel empowered usually feel a greater sense of commitment and are more prepared to go the extra mile. I.e. the the ‘discretionary effort’ bit. When we feel motivated to go the extra mile, this has a real impact on bottom line profits.

When we feel motivated we go the extra mile and impact profits

For example, when staff are truly engaged, they will go out of their way to find the right suit jacket for that difficult customer, they will offer to book the restaurant for the customer, or find the concert tickets. When we are engaged and invested in the company where we work we want to do what it takes to make the customer happy. We feel motivated to contribute to the success of the company because we feel part of the company.

How can we increase engagement?

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to create this at work?

I suggest that you can.

The things which impact engagement at this deeper level involves empowering staff. Empowering staff means two things; (1) making sure that people have the right tools, skills, training, information, authority etc. to be effective in their jobs; (2) making sure that people feel confident, motivated and open to change, so that they can take responsibility for driving their own success.

Encouraging staff to take ownership will result in a more empowered and committed work force.

Engage can help you to achieve this. Engage is an empirically researched diagnostic tool which measures someone’s readiness for change. It focuses on factors which influence Confidence, Openness and Impact, and provides a clear, consistent methodology which drives commitment and performance.

Author: Dr Jodi O’Dell

(C) Engage Coach International 2016