If you are about to start a major change or transformation project (or indeed are in the middle of one), read on.

Are you asking these questions?

  • Who are our change champions?
  • How confident and open are our people in respect to this change?
  • Which teams/departments are more resistant to change, and what do we need to do to get them on-board?
  • What are the appropriate interventions for which groups of employees?
  • How can we track whether our support packages or interventions are working?

Assess change readiness

Engage allows organisations to assess employee change readiness. With the resulting data, HR/OD specialists are able to define appropriate support and interventions to the right people at the right time, measure the success of those interventions, and where required provide a robust coaching methodology to help your people move through change successfully.

Change Readiness Graduates Pulse

The above diagram shows the type of data which is available. If this were your organisation, it suggests a group of employees who are highly frustrated, not feeling they are performing to their abilities (Performance), no buy in to the purpose of the organisation with resulting lower levels of satisfaction and increased absenteeism (Emotional Commitment), and a blame culture and lack of responsibility taking (lower  Personal Influence scores). On the positive side, they are agile and open to change (Adaptability) suggesting with the right interventions change is possible in order to drive the culture towards a high performing one.

How does Engage work?

Engage assesses mind-set relating to confidence, openness and impact. Engage takes only 10 minutes to complete online, and provides change readiness data across 15 empirically validated scales. A range of reports for individuals, teams or whole organisations provides a robust coaching/development methodology to drive sustainable change.

What data does Engage provide?

Data can be summarised at an organisational level, divisions or departments, by job function, pay grade, locations, or by any other metric. A unique insight is gained into strengths (those that can be leveraged) as well as inhibitors, to successful change. The data can be utilised to drive organisational design (OD) interventions to the right people at the right time. What’s more, we will train your internal capability so that you are not reliant on us.

“Engage data showed there was a serious lack of belief in employees’ ability to influence outcomes. Blame shifting, not taking personal responsibility and a degree of passiveness was the result. We were able to put together a series of interventions to address this issue, and measure the impact.”

Change Readiness Assessment Tool

By utilising Engage over the lifecycle of a change programme, you are able to take the “change” pulse of your organisation. The resulting data allows you to evaluate your intervention focus and spend, and refine where appropriate.

A FREE Trial

If you are an organisation involved in large scale change, we are offering a free trial of Engage. Assess it for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Simply register your interest to complete a Change Readiness Assessment by clicking this link.

Please do let us know your thoughts.

Engage was founded by Dr Jodi O’Dell. Her doctoral research was driven by a need to understand why some engage in successful change, and others don’t. The results of her research showed it was mind-set. That is, our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. Engage is an innovative diagnostic tool which both assesses readiness for change, and provides a robust coaching methodology to drive desirable, sustainable change.

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