Engage Pricing

The Engage Diagnostic Tool and Reports

The Engage system works on a credit basis. Each report requires a different number of credits for download. Each credit costs £30.

  • Coach Report (2 credits)

    • Provides detailed guidance for the coach on how to tailor their approach for each individual
  • Self Development Report (2 credits)

    • In-depth guidance for the candidate on how to drive his or her own development. Encourages ownership and responsibility for development to support coaching, or any development intervention
  • Candidate Report (1 credit)

    • Short narrative candidate feedback summary – suitable to give to those not requiring an in-depth report.
  • Impact Candidate Report (2 credits)

    • Provides 180 feedback (from a line manager or equivalent) and measures individual degree of shift since the last Engage assessment
  • 360 Validation Report (2 credits)

    • Captures 360 feedback from 3 people (superior, peer and subordinate) used to validate self-perceptions. Complements all reports at start of development
  • Virtual Coach (3 x 2 credits)

    • An individual 9-hour virtual coaching programme focussed on three key development priorities with practical exercises to increase self-awareness, drive personal development and generate clear actionable change.
  • Focus Report (2 credits)

    • A distilled version of the Virtual Coach, designed for workshops.
  • Team Report (2 credits per member)

    • The Engage Team Report provides an Engage profile at a team level, showing how members of the team score
  • Pulse (POA)

    • Provides comparative benchmark data across whole organisation, functions, departments, to guide strategic decision making around development, change and transformation. Provides unique culture perspective. Price on application.

Engage Accreditation

Accreditation options for individual consultants, as well as organisations.
  • One Day Programme (£975 discounted to £495*)

    • Suitable for experienced / qualified coaches / consultants.
    • Full day course with plenty of opportunity to develop your own coaching skills whilst becoming accredited.
    • Explore real case studies.
    • Live feedback demonstration.
    • Engage feedback practice.
    • Your own Engage Self Development Report.
    • Accreditation license number and certificate.
    • Price includes 12 credits worth £360* to use Engage with three of your customers, utilising both the Self Development Report, and Impact Report (showing degree of shift/ROI).
    • Normal cost £975 reduced to £495 for bookings made before the end of this month.

    *Doesn’t apply to organisations

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  • 1/2 Day Online Learning (£395)

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    • 1/2 day on-line learning.
    • Suitable for all experienced / qualified coaches / consultants.
    • Your own Engage Self Development Report.
    • Accreditation license number and certificate.
    • Price includes 12 credits* to use Engage with three of your customers (usual cost £360), allowing you to use both the Self Development Report, and Impact Report (showing degree of shift/ROI) with each customer.
    • Normal cost £875 reduced to £395.

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    *Doesn’t apply to organisations

Expert Support

Receive expert Engage feedback, or coaching supervision, for you or those in your organisation.
  • Expert Feedback (£250)

    Price includes;

    • Completing Engage.
    • The Self Development Report.
    • An expert Accredited Engage Coach reviewing your report.
    • A one hour feedback session using a shared screen and phone.
    • Clear development actions to drive your success.
  • Coaching Supervision (£250)

    • Gain valuable insight into your own coaching style and approach.
    • Develop yourself as a coach, driving greater success for your coachees.
    • Ensures coaching takes place ethically and in line with best practice.
    • Coaching supervision provided by Engage Coach Supervisors.
    • One hour session utilising shared screens and phone.