What is Engage?

Companies and directors have used countless ways in an attempt to improve the performance of their employees, utilising a diverse range of coaching tools to maximise the productivity of their workforce.

Whilst some of the popular tools provide a good insight into personality, their focus is not always on change or how to facilitate change.

Enter Engage: an online diagnostic tool which accurately measures things which can inhibit, or accelerate successful change. Using an evidence-based approach to coaching, Engage is designed to measure an individual’s mindset and, most importantly, their readiness for change.

If you want to achieve different results, for example increased performance from your employees, you often have to shift the lens through which you evaluate things. Engage offers this insight. It is a very powerful self-awareness tool, helping us to identify some of the things that can hold us back from achieving our goals,which we may not always be aware of at the conscious level.

By focusing on mindset, which underpins our behaviour, Engage helps us to challenge our own thinking which can prevent us from reaching our true potential. For example, those who exhibit a closed and negative mindset, are more likely to be held back from reaching their goals.

Conversely, research has shown that when we have a more open and positive mindset, often referred to as a “growth mindset,” this is linked to accelerated personal development.

How does Engage work?

Engage uses a simple, easy-to-use 10-15 minute online survey, which helps identify the users readiness for change, highlighting areas of focus and priority using a proven methodology to affect positive outcomes.

All it takes to get “Engaged” is a simple 10-15 online survey

Results from the online diagnostic are then presented as a series of in-depth coaching reports, providing scientific insight into the users psychological mindset (thoughts, beliefs & attitudes).

Engage taps into the aspects of personality which directly impact performance. In a coaching context specifically, diagnostics either just aren’t used at all, or practitioners rely too heavily on a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Engage acknowledges that each individual has their own unique personality and tailors its approach accordingly.

Engage offers more of a robust, systematic way of working, allowing coaches to tailor their approach and to benchmark results to demonstrate the impact of their work.  Scientifically validated, Engage measures things which are highly relevant to a coaching intervention and which differentiate success.

The best way to understand how Engage works is to imagine a racing car.

Your mindset can be viewed as the driver of a racing car: Engage fine-tunes
that mindset, helping to realise your full potential

The racing car itself can be viewed as a ’Type.’ It’s ‘Trait’ being that it quickly accelerates, consuming vast amounts of petrol as it races along. On the surface, it may seem that the most important element of the racing car is its Type: the better the engineering, the faster the car will go.

Many other tools focus heavily on identifying their client’s Type, i.e. whether they are an introvert or extrovert, often ignoring other crucial elements of their personality.

Engage takes a different approach to coaching, focusing instead on an individual’s “State,” i.e. one’s internal mindset. By fine-tuning and improving the mindset, or State, we can realise the full potential of the car, allowing it to go the fastest it possibly can.

Your company is the car, the driver is your employees. The more you realise employee potential, the more successful your company will perform.

Why use Engage?

Engage works because it offers scientific insight into a number of key psychological constructs, such as performance, openness, and engagement, which determine success.

Opposed to other tools on the market, Engage measures factors which underpin behaviours, rather than the behaviours themselves, facilitating a deeper insight, allowing non-psychologists to work safely with psychological constructs.

The key to Engage’s success is its ability to understand where performance is impacted by confidence, or a lack of openness to change. Crucially, Engage identifies where individuals lack motivation, commitment, or drive.

Engage can have a serious impact on both your employees and your business

By providing an evidence-based approach to coaching, Engage removes the guesswork used by other coaching tools, helping to accelerate the feedback process, enabling Engage coaches to tailor their approach for each individual client, which in turn facilitates a more relevant dialogue.

Not only does Engage offer a clear and systematic framework for the feedback process, uncovering those ‘light bulb’ moments, it also provides important evidence to tackle some of the difficult, or more sensitive topics, that may otherwise be missed.

Engage offers 3 unique propositions when compared to other tools:

(1) Engage measures mindset and readiness for change

(2) Engage measures impact over time; it is a State based tool (not Trait/Type)

(3) Engage provides clear guidance on how to drive change

From an individual standpoint, Engage drives an increased self-awareness, transferring responsibility and ownership for development back to the individual, which is both empowering and provides a real sense of self-value.

Using a highly non-judgemental approach, Engage offers individuals the chance to evaluate for themselves how their mindset may be supporting or interfering with their development. The in-depth coaching reports offer a very easy-to-follow guide on how to drive this change and create a personal development plan (PDP) which is both practical and engaging.

From a business perspective, Engage offers a few differentiators to other popular coaching tools.

Firstly, Engage provides an evidence-base to decision making, which supports a more robust approach to investments.

Secondly, Engage offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate impact. As a State-based tool, Engage provides a clear mechanism to capture pre and post metrics, helping organisation’s to evaluate the impact of their learning and development programmes using a more tangible, evidence-based approach.

Get the most out of your business and sign up to Engage today!