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What is Engage?

Engage is an empirically validated diagnostic which assesses mindset and readiness for change. It identifies the key drivers and barriers to change and provides clear development recommendations to get results.

How is Engage different from other tools?

Engage measures mindset. Mindset is not fixed.  This is something we can change if we want different outcomes.  Engage measures attitudes and beliefs (state), which are things we can shape. Many other tools measure different aspects of personality which are thought to be more fixed in nature. (e.g. trait and type).

Do I have to be trained to use Engage with my clients?

Yes. To use Engage products with your clients you have to go through the Engage Accreditation training.

Who is Engage training suitable for?

Engage has been designed for coaches, change consultants, HR professionals, psychologists

Who is Engage not suitable for?

Hobbyists, or anyone who has NO experience of providing feedback, development or consultancy to clients.

Do I have to be a psychologists, or trained coach to use Engage or apply for the training?

No. Engage is suitable for non-psychologists as the psychological interpretation has been done for you in the reporting.  You do not have to be a qualified coach to undergo the Engage training, however, we do recommend that you have some experience of providing development feedback to others.

What is Engage Accreditation?

Engage Accreditation is a training programme that certifies coaches / consultants to be licensed to use Engage with their clients. Once licensed, Engage Coaches can purchase credits which give access to the Engage reports. (Further information about credits and setting up client accounts below)

Are there different accreditation options available?

Everyone must complete the Accreditation course to use Engage with their clients. This programme is a very thorough, comprehensive training that equips consultants and coaches to provide one2one Engage feedback to clients. Once accredited, licensed coaches will gain access to the members portal – Coach Hub. Within this portal there are additional advanced modules available for those who want to upskill further, e.g. Engage Wellbeing, The Virtual Coach, Engage + Resilience.

What is the EMCC option?

The Engage Coach Accreditation has been awarded a Global EQA Award by the EMCC. The EMCC is the equivalent to ICF. For those wishing to receive the additional qualification, extra course work and time commitment is required (5-10 hours).   On successful completion participants receive 30 hours contribution towards the EIA award. Further information https://www.emccglobal.org/accreditation/eia/

Can I add the EMCC option at a later date?

The EMCC component for accreditation is optional.  For those who select this option, there is a requirement to complete an additional 3-5 hours’ of course work and submission of a reflective journal. This can be added post accreditation.

How long does Accreditation take?

10-15 hours

Once I have paid my course fee what happens next?

Once payment has been made, you will receive 2 email invitations (1) to complete the Engage survey to get your personalised profile, (2) registration to the online programme.

How do I get hold of any course materials?

Once you are registered on the programme you gain access to all course materials within the course.

Do I have to do any preparation beforehand?

We recommend that people watch 2 short webinars prior to enrolment, however, this is not compulsory.

Can I stop and start my programme?

Yes. You can complete the programme at a time convenient to you. The system will resume where you left it. For guided programmes fixed time limits are imposed.

Do I complete the Engage survey and receive my own personalised profile?

Yes, everyone receives their personalised Engage Profile, this is included in each course option.

Do I get access to my reports?

Yes, on survey completion you will have direct access to your Self-Development Report and Coach Report.

Do I receive individual feedback on my report?

You will gain access to the Feedback Webinar which supports you to interpret your results.  You will also work with your own report during the online programme.

Do I need to complete and submit any course work?

Yes, to complete Accreditation you will need to submit 3 written case study profiles. One profile will be returned marked with edits. There is also a reflective journal to complete, however, this is optional (unless you select the EMCC qualification).

What is the Reflective Journal?

The Reflective Journal captures your thoughts and experiences as you progress through the programme. This is a powerful exercise which offers valuable personal development for your work as a coach/consultant. The reflective journal is optional (unless you select the EMCC qualification).

What ongoing support is available to coaches once qualified?

All accredited licensed Engage Coaches receive access to the members portal (Coach Hub).  This supports ongoing learning and provides a rich source of information, videos and downloads including a discussion forum for the coach community.

Is membership to the Coach Hub free?

Basic membership is free. Within the members portal there are advanced learning options available for those who wish to upskill further, e.g. Engage Wellbeing, The Virtual Coach, Engage Resilience etc.

Do I get a course supervisor and can I talk to my supervisor directly?

Supervisors are able to respond to specific enquiries via email only. Everyone will gain access to a supervision recording. This recording is a powerful learning opportunity where you are able to observe a supervision session and learn from others undergoing supervision.

How do I access a supervision session?

There are additional costs for supervision.

We have 2 supervision options:

  1. Private One to one with your own supervisor – 60 min zoom/skype call
  2. Group supervision – min group of 3 – 120 min zoom/skype call

What supervision support is available post accreditation?

The members portal (Coach Hub) provides lots of free resources which support the ongoing learning of the Engage Coach community, with a discussion forum where members can exchange views and support each other. For those who want additional private support we recommend the supervision package. This offers a 60 mins skype/zoom call with a supervisor. Sessions can be used to discuss individual learning needs, report interpretation support, report verification and support with profiling. Supervision packages can be purchased within the members portal.

Is there a pass or fail for accreditation?

No. We want everyone to be successful.  We do, however, maintain standards and quality.  Sometimes people can benefit from further practice where there may be a requirement to submit an additional practice profile.  This is subject to supervisor discretion.

What happens once I complete my accreditation?

On successful completion of accreditation you will receive your certificate and license number and the Engage Accredited Coach logo which you can use on promotional materials and signatures.

What happens if I complete the EMCC component?

Anyone who successfully completes the EMCC component will receive a certificate which confirms 30 hours contribution towards the EIA award. Further information https://www.emccglobal.org/accreditation/eia/

How much do credits cost?

An average credit cost is £120-150, depending on which package is purchased. Credit costs reduce with volume purchases, and are inclusive of multiple reports: Coach Report, Self-Development Report, Team Reports, Project Reports.

Once certified, how do I get my clients to take the Engage survey and how do I access reports?

  • Once certified you can set up a client account, which is co-branded with your logo
  • Within your client account you have full control to administer the Engage survey to your clients, set deadlines, automate reminders etc
  • To gain access to reports you have to purchase credits
  • Your account must be in credit to access the reports
  • Client accounts are self-managed and easy to use, with full support, a comprehensive User Guide Manual and video tutorial
  • There is full technical support if you experience difficulties