Engage Case Study

Protective Packaging Ltd
engage case study protective packaging

Company Profile

Protective Packaging is a manufacturing business that specialises in protective barrier foil packaging.  They have 60 employees, with an annual turnover of £10 million.


At the start of 2015, a Quarterly Personal Knowledge Plan (PKPs) was introduced to all staff members. This linked directly into the Company bonus scheme.  The company ethos is “Quality is Everyone’s Business” and the PKP system was introduced to help drive and improve quality across every aspect of the business.

The PKPs consist of three main objectives: a quality objective, a trainer objective (transferring knowledge across staff) and a trainee objective (new task/skill acquisition). There have been some big changes within the organisation over the past year, particularly in the Sales and Customer Support (SCS) team. There had been some considerable staff turnover as well as promotions.  As a result there was a desire to unite everyone around a common objective. They were also contemplating relocating to a new site and had just issued a staff survey to find out how employees felt.  At the time, the SCS team had the highest percentage negative response of all of the departments.  They were keen to see if the Engage would aid them with developing a greater sense of intention to stay with the business should they relocate.

Rationale for using Engage 

The HR manager was new to the business, and one of the first tasks was to coach and mentor the SCS team through the training process.  Although she had helped teams in previous businesses with their training programs, she was unsure how to proceed with a new team.  Engage offered a tailored individual approach in a very structured manner that she felt would help break down those initial boundaries with staff.


“As an HR professional, I feel that Engage has fast tracked my mentoring by giving me the language and dialogue to start the self-development process with our SCS staff. Prior to this process, I would not have known where to start!  It helped me believe that what I was saying to individuals was right and would generate an in depth discussion without feeling like I was intruding. 

Engage’s tailored, individual, approach has had a real impact on my confidence as a mentor and given our staff confidence in me to aid them with their self-development.  The management team state that the SCS team now appear more focussed and have got their PKP training on target.

We now have a workforce that are more committed and more engaged and because their training is now on track, they are also more productive and have more confidence in their colleagues’ abilities.  

Engage has allowed us to  focus on the right scale for each individual. Our SCS team really feel that we are taking a more personal approach to their development. Engage helped lift out three key themes that we can provide further developmental interventions for.  This will cut down our training costs by establishing needs across a number of individuals and tailoring training sessions for smaller groups.  

One subject that came up in a number of the 1-2-1 sessions with the participants was that they felt more committed to the business.  At a time when we are in relocation discussions, this is very important and it is fantastic to hear that focusing on the self-development of our staff has given them more emotional commitment towards the business.”