Greater Manchester Police

GMP_logoEngage Coach International work in partnership with clients to find solutions to the ‘people’ challenges. We are committed to facilitating sustainable change through research lead innovative solutions. The Engage AIM (Assess, Intervene, Measure) methodology underpins our approach.

This case study provides an example of using Engage to drive change across multiple change and development initiatives. 



Engage Coach International worked in partnership with Greater Manchester Police to support them to deliver on their commitment to ‘developing and supporting their workforce’. The key aims of the pilot initiative were:

  • To introduce an evidence-based approach to drive change
  • To evaluate impact of change
  • To provide strategic guidance for development interventions
  • To provide officers with meaningful personal development opportunities



Over 500 officers were invited to complete Engage for a range of programmes, these included: various behavioural change initiatives, a large-scale promotion process, a talent programme and a diversity project.  The purpose of capturing data at the start of each programme and at multiple data points throughout programmes, was to establish reliable benchmark data for evaluation purposes.  Various Engage reporting options were used throughout the programmes to support personal, team and organisation wide development, which underpinned cultural and behavioural change.


For the promotions project we captured data at the start and at the end of the process for 285 officers.  Establishing pre and post measures using Engage enabled GMP to understand more about how mindset influences success during promotion.  As part of this approach, Engage Pulse Data was used, which permits data segmentation and data comparisons against norm groups.  For example, GMP were able to analyse ‘mindset’ for various data sets across gender, age, ethnicity, success criteria etc. Key themes emerging from this analysis ensures strategic decisions for change and people development, are based on evidence and designed around ‘need’.


Change/L&D Programmes

For the range of other change and L&D initiatives we worked with internal change agents to help shape strategy and guide approach.  For one of the diversity projects the Workforce Development Team used Engage to understand and identify specific issues that officers were facing. This has highlighted barriers to successful change and mindset differentiation between groups.  Also the Behaviour Change Team worked with the Engage data to drive development and behaviour change for an operational team within the force.


Building Internal Capability

We first trained 24 internal coaches within GMP to become Engage Accredited coaches.  Coaches attending the programme were experienced coaches.  Engage enhanced their knowledge to strengthen internal capability and introduce a consistent, reliable methodology.  The training equipped coaches with the practical skills, confidence and insights needed to deliver feedback to officers.


From the perspective of a coach, “I found the coach reports particularly beneficial in helping to identify key areas for discussion and exploration, resulting in key discussions of key significance for each coachee. The recommendations and prompts enabled me to plan for each session, whilst remaining focused on the individual coachee’s needs and goals for the session. The reports seemed to accelerate the speed with which the coaching discussions progressed into deep discussion about topics of particular significance”


We also designed and ran a ‘Train the Trainer’ programme, to equip coaches to facilitate their own Engage Virtual Coach workshops. This approach has enabled GMP to offer development across a large group within tight budget constraints. The Engage Virtual Coach Programme is designed to support people to take ownership and self-manage their development needs. This programme is an innovative and highly cost-efficient development solution, which offers up to 9 hours of ‘virtual’ coaching support. Each officer has 3 personalised workbooks to go through, with the option to attend a facilitated Virtual Coach Workshop.



GMP gained a unique insight into the cultural mindset of staff going through promotion and talent programmes. Impact and outcomes have been established and GMP now have clarity around how mindset underpins successful change.  More specifically, they have strategic insight into behavioural change at the individual, team and organisational levels and how this relates to promotion, culture, gender, ethnicity and age.

Zoe Sheard Chief Superintendent

“The Engage tool brings something completely new that is proving immensely useful to my organisation in a number of ways and it has really exciting potential, both in terms of supporting the development path for individuals and also in guiding the organisation’s strategic, cultural and leadership journey. The tool acts as a readiness assessment for both individuals, teams, and large sections/all of the organisation in relation to meeting future challenges, be they personal or organisational and because it measures a person’s state rather than type, it can also be repeated down the line to evaluate progress and degrees of success and improvement related to interventions/activities/experiences. The more we use it and look at the findings and their multiple applications, the more I am impressed by what it can offer.”

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