RCVS, Mindmatters, SPVS

Engage Coach International worked in partnership with the RCVS Mindmatters initiative and the SPVS to benchmark wellbeing within veterinary practices.

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This case study provides an overview of what was done, and some of the results



Engage Coach International worked in partnership with the RCVS, Mindmatters and SPVS to support them to deliver on adding robustness to the annual wellbeing awards. The key aims were to:

  • Introduce an evidence-based approach to the wellbeing award process
  • Create a veterinary wellbeing benchmark
  • To provide strategic guidance for the veterinary industry



12 award winning practices (small, medium and large) were invited to complete the Engage Wellbeing Survey.  Data was captured Q4 2017. Of the 12 practices, 518 employees completed the survey. Data was presented at the SPVS/MG Congress January 2018.

The following press release was released, which was also reported on the front page of the Vet Times.


Mental health and well-being of veterinary professionals is of paramount importance. The RCVS Mindmatters initiative, in partnership with SPVS, is working with Engage to create a Veterinary Wellbeing Benchmark, starting with last year’s Wellbeing Award Winners. All employees within these practices were invited to complete the Engage Wellbeing Survey.

What is the Engage Wellbeing Survey? Engage assesses mindset, that is those thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that drive behaviours. It is an empirically validated toolset. In addition, how employees experience stress was measured using a HSE tool.

What was involved? The Engage Wellbeing Survey takes just 10-15 minutes to complete. Once completed, data was aggregated to form the Engage Veterinary Wellbeing Benchmark and presented at the VMG/SPVS Congress 2018.


You can find out more detail, and access the report here.

Listen to Nick Stuart who runs the SPVS Wellbeing Awards;