Mike sat in his chair, and fiddled with his hands. The demands of his role were increasing, and it was pushing him to his limit. His body language was screaming, “I’m struggling”.

A common reaction. No matter how well intentioned and committed, we often struggle in unexpected ways when working within a context of change.

With globalisation continuing a pace impacting the geopolitical landscape, change demands increasing levels of flexibility. Those at the top want to push change through faster and quicker. But what of those who have to implement change? Is it a case of do or die?


a change mindset..?


If those at the heart of required organisational change have a greater propensity to adapt, chances of success increase significantly. These individuals are likely to have a change mind-set; that is they are likely to be more optimistic, open and flexible, and are able to engage and influence others.

The opposite is true of those who either knowingly or unknowingly stand in the path of change. Their mind-set is likely to be more resistant to change. They might be less engaging, less confident and less open. Any organisational change relying on these kinds of individuals has a rocky road ahead.

If only there was a tool to measure openness to change.

Enter Engage

Engage is a readiness for change diagnostic. Within ten minutes, senior managers are able to assess not only individuals, but whole teams or divisions on their likelihood to successfully engage in change.


Engage is a readiness for change diagnostic


What difference would such insight make to large-scale change projects? To understand which teams are more likely to be for, and against, change? Where a group may be more broadly against change, Engage enables managers to chart a route map to define the approach and interventions needed to help move the team to a more change ready mind-set.

Not only does Engage provide scores across 15 validated scales, it also provides powerful narratives with feedback and questions to support internal coaching cultures or development programmes. Engage can be your partner to help facilitate successful long-term success.

If you had Engage as part of your programme – how would you use it?

If you had Engage as part of your programme – how would you use it?

As for Mike. I asked him to complete Engage. He scored herself relatively low across a few of the Engage Openness scales. The resulting coaching became transformational for him and he became a champion for on-going change.

Are you open to change? Comments welcome.