A little about us

Dr Jodi O'Dell, Founder

Jodi is the founder and driving force behind the Engage product set. Her passion lies in understanding what enables successful development. She has over twenty years consulting experience. Jodi is an occupational psychologist and has a PhD in Coaching Psychology. She has been researching and developing the Engage toolset since 2006.

Dr Jodi O'Dell Engage

Our History

Dr Jodi O’Dell has been driven by her passion to understand what enables real long-lasting development to take place. Since 2006, with her team of highly qualified and experienced business psychologists, Jodi has built Engage into a purpose-built development tool for today’s organisations.

Our Passion

Although everything we do is rooted in empirically validated research, you will see us come alive when working with people. Nothing excites us more than enabling transformational developmental change. Helping organisations grow, teams to perform at the highest levels, and real life-changing support to employees regardless of experience.

Our Philosophy

Strongly rooted in coaching psychology, our philosophy is that individuals, teams and organisations seek to actualise. In the right environment we all want to become the best versions of ourselves.

The way we work this out in practice is through a strong scientific empirical approach. We seek to provide the relationship, framework and appropriate interventions to facilitate this positive change, in line with organisational objectives.

For us, the best version of ourselves includes not only delivering an outstanding service, but also building great relationships, being easy to work with, and having lots of laughter along the way.