Drive organisational performance through people change


Engage focusses on the people aspect of change and organisational performance. Assess change readiness, diagnose accelerators and blockers, define appropriate interventions, implement robust approaches and measure effectiveness over time.


  • Tailor made for change and development
  • Empirically validated, rigorous, robust
  • Diagnoses individual’s thoughts and beliefs across fifteen validated scales
  • Measures return on investment (ROI)
  • Allows anyone to work safely with psychological constructs
  • Suits any development, change or coaching programme

Engage underpins change and development. It can work instead of, or alongside, other diagnostics and psychometrics.

‘Engage is based on over ten years of research and development. It integrates a Cognitive Behavioural Psychology model with advanced Coaching Psychology to catapult personal change and development.

It measures individuals across fifteen validated scales related to performance, and focusses users on those beliefs which are holding them back, and those which are accelerating their success. The result is both a personalised development solution, but also provides organisations with powerful data to drive appropriate interventions within change programmes.

“Empirically validated, Engage provides tangible metrics for use within change and development environments. The resulting data and reports drive change, measure impact, and provide a unique solution which fast tracks results.”

Dr Jodi O’Dell